How CACFP Assistance & CCC will help? 

We are a state approved sponsor of CACFP with nearly 20 years of experience in the Child Care and Food Service Industries.  We will help you:

-Complete the CACFP application
-Create a Food Services budget
-Train your staff on the program requirements
-Show where you can control costs
-Digitally Save your food service related receipts
-File your monthly claims
-Lead your efforts through any state audits
-Provide consultation for any other Child Care Concerns 

Our fee is a percentage of the reimbursement that the facility receives so there is no additional cost to the provider. No computer or paper work is needed other than what is normally available. 

We will come to your location and do the paperwork so it will not consume more of your time than necessary. Call Glenn Kerley or Roxanna Kerley for the details and to schedule a visit.  

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          SAVE MONEY !!

What is CACFP?  A Federal and State program that reimburses Child Care Providers for providing nutritious meals and for the expenses of providing that nutritious food.

What will CACFP do for your business?

-Help insure your children receive nutritious meals
-Provide your employees proper training in Food Services and Record Keeping
-Create an additional Revenue Source while helping maintain control of expenses
-Increase your Bottom Line

Typical Scenario: 

-Childcare Center with 31 children = $25,726 annual reimbursement!!
-Home Childcare with 6 children = $7,582 annual reimbursement