Beginning Visions preschool program is fully developmental, enabling each child to advance socially, emotionally, and creatively at his/her own pace. Activities are selected to encourage your child to think, to communicate effectively, to participate, and to grow in a safe comfortable and loving atmosphere.


        Ways We Get Ready for School and Success

  • Activities to encourage thinking creatively, being a good communicator and an active excited participant, able to grow in a semi-structured comfortable, loving environment
  • Teaching consistency for self-control and self esteem
  • Providing opportunities for experiencing success
  • Encouraging positive "can do" attitudes
  • Developing the ability to make wise choices
  • Recognizing shapes, colors, math concepts, letters, and use of phonic sounds for letters
  • Developing memory, writing, and reading skills
  • Having a deep love for books and exploring
  • Learning to love science and the protectors of the world around us
  • Appreciating our differences and respect others
  • Becoming great law abiding, helpful, contributing citizens 

​            ​Some 3 and 4 Year Old Goals

  • To feel comfortable and safe in a group setting
  • To express feelings and needs appropriately
  • To begin to work together and solve social challenges
  • To develop strong lmuscles and skills through exercising, sports games, music dance movements
  • To improve eye and hand coordination with small toys
  • To use pencils, markers, and scissors effectively
  • To develop the ability to focus, memorize, work independently and in a group