Beginning Visions Child Development Center encourages the development of the whole child. Each child is unique with an individual pattern and timing of growth. Children learn from the results of interaction between them and their environment. Children acquire knowledge through interaction with people and objects. We provide an environment that permits and encourages learning and develops physical, cognitive, social, emotional and creative skills.  We teach positive Christian values and their importance in developing great American citizens who love and respect our country and our God.

     We will provide a nurturing and safe environment with developmentally appropriate learning, materials, and activities where the child is challenged and free to explore. We will provide an environment that shows love, self-respect, and self-worth.

     We realize that we are an important part, along with the parents, of the early education and foundation of each child and we do not take it lightly. We are a support for the parents, who we feel are the primary caregivers and guides. They have entrusted us to provide a loving, nurturing, protective, educational home-like environment where their children can reach their full potential. We will not disappoint them or give them reason for concern, but instead nurture their visions and dreams for the future.

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      Beginning Visions Child Development Center and School's Mission

is to promote growth of each child totally, focusing on appropriate development of the child's physical, motor, social, emotional, intellectual, and language skills. We promote self-confidence and success in each child by recognizing and encouraging their individuality. Beginning Visions works with the family to enrich the life of their child and enhance the educational experience.


  • Give the child freedom to express, experience, and to develop at his own pace in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Provide the child opportunities to experience science, music, art, imaginative dramatic play, games, sports, creative learning with supervision by highly trained, caring and experienced teachers. 
  • Develop the child's ability to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Help children enhance their own self-image while learning to respect those with authority over them.
  • Teach the children to appreciate others' differences and to respect the rights of others.
  • Provide a well-planned, exciting, approved curriculum that will interest all children.
  • Provide a large variety of age appropriate challenging toys and materials that encourage children to master all skills.