Beginning Visions is your child's home away from home as they are picked-up from their school and welcomed here to tell us about their day and have refreshments.  The students receive help with homework, and they have time to enjoy the outdoors, friendships, games, and to practice sports skills. Inside we have fun with reading, socializing, board games, crafts, and other creative ideas.

We emphasize a safe, organized, fun, relaxing, and well supervised environment, and we are responsive to your child's interests and developmental needs.  We are available after school, holidays, teacher workdays, and summer vacations.



Camp Discovery is a fun, exciting, and educationally challenging day camp for schoolagers and four year old students.  Its focus and activities vary from year to year depending on the interest of our children.  As our name suggests, we concentrate on outside field trips and activities.  A calendar of events is available as the month draws near.  The following are some activities we have enjoyed in the past:

  • Swimming weekly
  • Nature trips to parks, picnics, zoos, farms, fishing, lakes, paddle boats
  • Science, history, museums, and theaters as students desire
  • Sports and skill improvement, and competition with other centers
  • Cheerleading and dance routines
  • Golf, putt-putt, tennis, pingpong, skating, and movies
  • Crafts, jewelry making, art and music expression and lessons on instruments per students choice
  • Competitive board games 
  • Parent and student input and involvement
  • Activity fee includes all field trip expenses, well-balanced meals and snacks